Zoe, a character in the High School Story series, is a student at Hearst High School. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Zoe has brown eyes, brown hair, and fair skin. She wears a pink top.


Zoe is manipulative and self-centered, demonstrating throughout Books 1 & 2 that she will go to great lengths to receive what she desires. She has shown to be quite selfish and bratty at times, but seems to harbor some form of remorse for her previous actions, such as when she appeared genuinely sorry for cheating on Caleb and for choosing Brian over him. It is probable that she possesses her own assortment of insecurities. She appears to be redeemed given that she calls out Brian for his misogyny, and invites the Berry High students to hang out with the Hearst students after the baseball game.



Caleb is Zoe's ex-boyfriend. During the time she was dating him, Zoe was two-timing him with his best friend Brian.


Brian is Zoe's ex-boyfriend. She cheated on Caleb with him. The main character caught Zoe making out with Brian at the bathroom during the party. She later broke up with Brian as an attempt to get back with Caleb while still dating him but still got rejected. 


Zoe started dating Terrence at some point after she broke up with Brian, as shown when they made out during the tour around Berry High in Book 3, Chapter 2. This is later confirmed in Chapter 4.


Even though Zoe harbors a dislike towards the Berry students, she is shown to care greatly about Myra's well being, to the point where she verbally attacks Brian for his indecency towards Myra.

Other Looks


  • She bears a resemblance to actress Ana Golja.
  • She will be temporarily attending Berry High in High School Story, Book 3.
  • Your character can kiss her in Book 3, Chapter 13 (if you chose to go play Truth or Dare which costs diamonds and picked the option to kiss her).
  • Her surname was revealed to be Leon in Book 3, Chapter 15.