Zig Ortega, a character in "The Freshman" and "The Sophomore" series, is a barista and student at the coffee shop and also one of Your Character's love interests. He is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 3.


Zig has wavy, black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. He wears a white T-shirt and a silver chain. He has a tattoo of an owl on his left upper arm.


Zig is shown as unrelenting and has a bit of a temper. He finds it frustrating having to apologize for his actions and often ends up assuming the worst in people. However, Zig is also shown to be a caring and loyal person, especially towards his family, shown when he relays how he went to prison for beating up his sister's abusive boyfriend. In terms of romance, Zig doesn't discriminate. He falls for people based on their personality, rather than their looks. He later reveals that he's a bisexual in The Freshman, Book 4.

He originally had anger issues in The Freshman, Book 3 but has improved at controlling his temper.


Your Character

Zig flirts with Your Character a lot and often calls her beautiful. However, he's not willing to get in the way of her relationships and is happy being friends. He also stood up to Sebastian for you.


Chris and Zig have a lot in common, having both grown up without a dad, being the oldest sibling and having a criminal record. They both seemed to get along well at Madison's party.

Other Looks


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