Zenobia Nevrakis is a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series. She is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 7. In Book 3, Chapter 17,Kenna has to choose between (or both) the Nevrakis siblings Zenobia and Diavolos or Adder to govern Abanthus as regent. If the Nevrakis are not chosen, she and Diavolos will retire from court permanently,thus ending the royalty status of the Nevrakis dynasty.


Zenobia has red hair, wears a black dress, and wears a tiara. She used to wear a sapphire necklace until it was stolen by Rayden for his sister, The Adder of Lykos.


Zenobia is said to be the most ruthless and vicious out of all of Luther's children. She is completely sadistic as one of her forms of entertainment is forcing her prisoners to fight to the death in a pit. It is rumored she beheaded her last handmaiden because she accidentally pricked her.

In Book 3 however, she noticeably changes. In Chapter 14, she warns Kenna not to restore Luther's control over the Abanthus army,as power in the hands of her treacherous father will lead to more wars between Abanthus and Stormholt. It was also revealed that she hates wars in a dramatic shift from her Book 2 persona. In Chapter 17, she says she does not hold any grudge towards Kenna and she understood why she had to kill her father.


Luther Nevrakis

Luther is her father. Not much is said about their relationship.

Marco Nevrakis

Marco is Zenobia's brother.

Prince Diavolos Nevrakis

Diavolos is Zenobia's half-brother.

Vassilio Nevrakis

Vassilios is Zenobia's uncle.

Helene Leventis

Helene is Zenobia's bodyguard.


Other Looks

Zenobia with necklace

Zenobia with the sapphire necklace


  • She is an ancestor of Olivia, a character in the Royal Romance.

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