Your Character in The Royal Romance is the main protagonist of "The Royal Romance" series.

Before you compete for the affection of Prince Liam, it's revealed that she first started off as a waitress in New York. While working at a bar, she's the one who served Liam and his friends' table. Although her default name is "Riley", the player can choose to name her as they wish.


Your appearance is customizable according to the player's preferences.


You are a kind-hearted woman who helps those in need.


Prince Liam

Liam is one of your love interests. Your first met when you were working as a waitress in a bar in New York. He often confides in with you.


Drake is another potential love interest for you.


Hana first compliments you looks. She is another one of your potential love interests.


Maxwell is one of Liam's friends. He is the one who flies you to Cordonia and sponsor you to fight for the title of "Princess" and later on for the title of "Queen".


Olivia is your arch nemesis. From the very start, Olivia has been giving you a hard time. She tells you to kiss the king's shoe. It turns out to be a prank. Olivia often belittles you.

Character Customization

Face and Hair

Outfit Choices in Book 1

Outfit Choices in Book 2


  • She is shown on the cover of "The Royal Romance, Book 1" and "The Royal Romance, Book 2"
  • This MC is one of only two characters in the game whose full name (as in their first and last names) is customisable. The other instance of this is the MC from High School Story.

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