Yasmin Udoka, a character in "The Freshman" series, is a well-connected agent who represented Professor Vasquez and formerly represented James. She is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 1.


Yasmin has tan skin, long, red-brown hair and green eyes.


There isn't much published about Yasmin's personality. Because of her job she seems to be very loyal and trustworthy - however, this can be contradicted considering her behavior in Book 3, Chapter 9, in which she acts very suspicious and manipulative.


Enrique Vasquez

Yasmin is Vasquez's new agent. She's aware of his cancer and keeps it a secret as he asked for.

James Ashton

Yasmin signs on James as her client after watching "Rosethorne Park". In Book 3, Chapter 9, it seems that she has a thing for James and wants to manipulate him. He later quit his job, and fired her.

Main Character

Yasmin first met the main character while she was walking through the snowing campus by herself. She appeared to be nice to her but showed her true colors. Yasmin doesn't like the main character, and wants to drive apart her and James.


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