Will Jackson, a character in The Crown & The Flame series, is a Stormholt soldier. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 3.


Will has brown eyes, brown hair and a brown beard. He wears silver Stormholt armor.


Jackson is a very loyal soldier and a strong fighter. He initially served the Rys Family valiantly, likely because the Rys family promised to look after his family, but he decided to join Severin's band of mercenaries after he discovered that his family starved to death after the Nevrakis takeover.


Kenna Rys

Will becomes impressed by Kenna after she wins the knife toss game between himself, Kenna, and Val. His respect for her grows once he realizes she is the Queen of Stormholt, which Val attributes to his desire to serve others. Their friendship continues to strengthen, and upon Leon's death in Book 3, Will is selected to be Kenna's next guardian.

Leon Stirling

Will respects Leon as one of his superiors, both in the Mercenary Camp and in Kenna's army.

Val Greaves

Val has a playful relationship with Will. She constantly teases him due to his background as a trained soldier, and for his instant respect and submission to Kenna.

Dominic Hunter

Jackson has a crush on Dom, revealed in Book 3. The player can choose to pursue the relationship for 19 diamonds.

The Crown and the Flame

After the Nevrakis family conquered Stormholt, he escaped and went home to his family, only to find them starved to death.


  • Will's character model was later retooled for Seth and Cid.

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