Vassilios Nevrakis, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is Luther Nevrakis's brother. He is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 1. He was placed in control of Thorngate Castle, and by extension, the Kingdom of Bellmere, by his brother. He was killed by Dom.


Vassilios has brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin with freckles. He is very stout.


He loves to gossip. Diavolos Nevrakis calls him "the king of Gossip mongers".


Luther Nevrakis

Luther is Vassilios's brother.

Marco Nevrakis

Marco is Vassilios's nephew.

Diavolos Nevrakis

Diavolos is Vassilios's nephew.

Zenobia Nevrakis

Zenobia is Vassilios's niece.


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