I'd have rather burned with the castle than live in suffering. Do I look like a man suited for the dungeons?
— Vassilios[1]

Vassilios Nevrakis, a character in The Crown & The Flame series, is Luther Nevrakis's brother. He was placed in control of Thorngate Castle, and by extension, the Kingdom of Bellmere, by his brother. He was later killed by Dom. He is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 1.


During a party at Lykos Castle involving the Nevrakis and the Fydorians, he caught Diavolos and Zenobia discussing Prince Tevan. Zenobia, horrified, tried to drive him away, but Vassilios overheard most of the conversation and promised not to tell Luther about his niece's secret. He then immediately attempted to disclose it upon Luther's approach, prompting Diavolos to intervene.


Vassilios is a visibly corpulent man with brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin with freckles. He wears a black and yellow silk and fur doublet with tassels, and a black wide-brimmed hat with white plumage. His clothing is encrusted generously with several jewels.


Vassilios is pompous, condescending, and sarcastic, looking down at Kenna and disregarding her threats patronizingly. He has full support of his brother Luther, and does not like losing easily, seen when he set Thorngate Castle ablaze when Kenna and Rowan Thorn were about to capture him.

He is very materialistic, as can be seen with his attire as well as his flaunted wine collection. He also loves to gossip; Zenobia Nevrakis calls him "the King of Gossip-mongers". His loose tongue has once forced Luther to retreat after he disclosed his brother's positioning of his troops in Panrion.



  • According to Vassilios under the effects of Blueblood:
    • He had a stomach condition that caused him frequent flatulence. This gave him the nickname "Wind of Thorngate".
    • When Vassilios discovered that Luther would be king and not him, he went into his brother's room and hid Luther's crown inside his (Vassilios's) trousers.
    • Baltair was a brute and loved raspberry custard, and Seoras was a master strategist known for his sweet smile. Diavolos was his father's shadow, and Marco was bland and insipid. Zenobia was the only one who didn't go off with Luther.
    • Kenna had six weeks to prepare for Luther's return.
  • Vassilios (Βασίλειος) is Greek for 'basil'.
  • He, along with his brother Luther, are the only members of the Nevrakis Family that die regardless of the player's decisions.


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