Vanessa, a character in The Freshman series, is a literature student and James's childhood friend. She is first seen in the special book "James: Masquerade Ball".


Vanessa has mid-length, brown hair, blue eyes and light skin. At the masquerade, she wears a blue dress, a silver necklace, a silver mask and silver earrings.


Vanessa is an intelligent young woman.



Vanessa is James's childhood friend. Their parents are very good friends, so James and Vanessa grew up together and seem very close. At the dinner with James's parents, Mrs Ashton mentions her as the perfect girl for her son. Your Character is able to meet her at the masquerade with James. She confesses that her father has got some serious Problem and asks James's family for help. Vanessa had (and still has) deep feelings for James. He doesn't see her that way, but he cares about her very much. Vanessa also just wants to see James happy; even if it's with another girl.



  • She is shown on the cover of "James: Masquerade Ball".
  • She makes a cameo appearance in Rules of Engagement Book 2, Chapter 3.
  • She bears a resemblance to actress Stana Katic.