Tyler, a character in "The Freshman" and "The Sophomore" series, is a student at Hartfeld and a member of the Dungeons and Dragons Club. He makes his first appearance in Book 1, Chapter 2.


Tyler has short, black hair, light skin and brown eyes. He wears a black and red checked T-shirt over a grey undershirt.

Tyler's formal wear is a blue suit with a red tie and a lighter blue undershirt.


Tyler acts shy and nerdy. He deals very clumsy with love and girls, but he doesn't want to hurt anyone and has a good heart.



Zack is Tyler's best friend. They often play video games together.

Tripp & Edgar

Tripp and Edgar guys are Tyler's gaming buddies. They also talk about "special" subjects nobody else is interested in.


"Ask her out? No way. I'd just embarrass myself." - Tyler about Abbie in Book 1, Chapter 5

In Book 1, Tyler has a massive crush on Abbie. She later starts to like him too but both don't know how to make a move on one another. A lot of misunderstandings and Leila's flirtations complicate the situation. If Your Character supports them, Tyler and Abbie will go to the formal together. In Book 2, they're an official couple and things seem to go pretty well.

By "The Sophomore" they have already moved in with each other. In "The Sophomore: Book 1, Chapter 6" she starts to appear bored of Tyler when Tyler shows affection towards her. By Chapter 13, their relationship appears strained.

As of Chapter 14, they are taking a break from each other.


In Book 1, Leila has a big crush on Tyler and wants all of his attention for herself. After he ditches her between Book 1 & 2, Leila is very upset and doesn't want to get involved with Tyler anymore. Since Book 3, Leila seems to be over the whole story and she and Tyler can talk in a normal way and play computer games together like before.


In The Sophomore, Tyler says that Sebastian is not a bad guy once you get to know him, much to Abbie, Zack, and Kaitlyn's dismay. In The Sophomore Book, 1 Chapter 14, Sebastian is shown comforting Tyler over his rocky relationship with Abbie.

Other Looks


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