Thomas is a character in The Haunting of Braidwood Manor series. He is first seen in Chapter 2.


Thomas has short, brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He wears a blue shirt and a brown vest.


Thomas is more defiant and difficult than the other Waverly children. In Chapter 2, he denies needing someone to look after him. He has a harsher temper than the other children. In Chapter 3, Clarissa comments that Thomas is not the generous type. In Chapter 4, it's revealed that he plays the piano. Your Character plays with him in order to get him to hand over his key. However, Thomas says he would have handed it over anyways because he wants to know what Eleanor is hiding. Despite his harsh exterior, he has moments of kindness as he thanks your character for the hot cider in Chapter 2 and easily agrees to helping your character find out what's in the cellar in Chapter 4.


Eleanor, Clarissa and Simon

Eleanor and Clarissa are Thomas's elder sisters and Simon is his younger brother.

Rose Waverly

Rose Waverly is Thomas's mother. She poisoned him, along with his two siblings because she thought it was for the best.

Your Character/Hannah

He didn't take a liking to Your Character at first and was even rude to her.

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