When you start playing Most Wanted, Book 1, you get to choose to play as a male or female character and you can name them. If the player picks a female character she gets to meet Logan Mills, whereas, if the player picks a male character, he gets to meet Theresa Holland.

Your Character will flirt with Theresa/Logan, but will try and be a hero during John Tull's attack. Later on, Theresa or Logan, whichever survived, will be briefly encountered by David Reyes.

Theresa Holland

Theresa Holland has green eyes, long, brown hair and light skin. She wears a black dress. She is an aspiring actress who played a corpse in Season 4 of Louisiana Vice.

Logan Mills

Logan Mills has blue eyes, short, black hair and light skin. He wears a black shirt. He is an aspiring actor, whose shoulder can be seen in a battle in the action movie Blood Brothers.


  • Logan Mills' look originally belonged to Gavin Routh.
  • He bears a resemblance to actor Chris Evans.
  • Pixelberry gave Theresa the same look as Claire Pierce, a character from Rules of Engagement and The Sophomore series, but with different hair color.
  • Logan was also given the same look as TJ, a character from the #LoveHacks series.
  • Originally, Theresa was the only playable character in the beginning when you start playing Most Wanted, Book 1 and she could be saved or get shot by John Tull depending on the choice.
    • Currently, the one you play as will die no matter which options you choose and the one you don't pick will survive.
  • Theresa and Logan make a cameo appearance in a premium choice featured in Red Carpet Diaries, Book 1, Chapter 5 at a diner if Your Character goes with Matt.
    • Theresa makes another cameo as a guest at the premiere of Tender Nothings in Book 1, Chapter 16. She is quoted as saying that the film was...Incredible!
  • Logan's current character model makes a cameo appearance as Azura's attendant in Chapter 1 of The Crown & The Flame, Book 3 with slightly different hair and clothes.