The Sophomore, Book 1 is the first book of "The Sophomore" series.


You return to Hartfeld for your sophomore year, but things get off to a rocky start when you meet your new roommate.


Chapter 1: Semi-Charmed Life

You return to Hartfeld for your sophomore year, but things get off to a rocky start when you meet your new roommate.

Chapter 2: Carry Me Home

Gabriela may be able to help you with the living situation... But can you handle the price?

Chapter 3: Run-Around

It's Chris's first practice as football captain, and Zig's first day on the team. How will the two of them fare?

Chapter 4: Bills, Bills, Bills

Becca is down in the dumps. Can you get her back on her feet?

Chapter 5: Party Up

You and your friends throw your first house party! Can you impress your guests with your hosting skills?

Chapter 6: Smells Like Teen Spirit

It's time for the Homecoming game! Do the Knights have what it takes to win?

Chapter 7: Livin' La Vida Loca

It's time to celebrate the Knightly News' first issue! What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 8: I Want It That Way

Chris is cracking under pressure and Kaitlyn feels pressured by Natasha's new band. Can you reassure your friends?

Chapter 9: Barbie Girls

Becca wants to check out a party at the sorority to see who's pledging. Are her motives pure, or otherwise?

Chapter 10: Animal Instinct

Your friends are really starting to feel the pressure of their futures! Can you help them improve their outlook?

Chapter 11: Sabotage

The band's debut is coming up fast, but Natasha isn't playing nice. Will you put a stop to her conniving?

Chapter 12: Get What You Give

Kaitlyn's band is debuting! Will the night end in triumph, or go up in flames?

Chapter 13: You Oughta Know

Reyna shares some interesting info, James struggles with a project, and Chris grapples with big news.

Chapter 14: Unbreak My Heart

Tyler and Abbie consider their relationship, Becca hatches a plan, and Chris and Zig prepare for the ultimate test of their team's solidarity.

Chapter 15: Bitter Sweet Symphony

Between James's graduation and Kaitlyn's audition for Battle of the Bands, emotions run high... But you've got a plan to help everyone unwind.

Chapter 16: Baby One More Time

You're back from break and ready to kick off the quarter with a party, but will the festivities go smoothly for all attendees?

Chapter 17: It's The End of the World as We Know It

Will drama destroy the first party of the quarter, or will you and your friends turn it around and start the new year right?


  • The book was confirmed at the end of the final chapter of "The Freshman, Book 4", and on the Choices Book Club, as the daily topic was: "What are you looking forward to the most in The Sophomore?"
  • This series is the direct sequel to The Freshman series.
  • In Chapter 4, Becca mentions her mom and sister moved to an apartment in Northbridge. This could potentially be a reference to the series "Hero".
  • Every chapter of this book is named after a popular song.
  • In Chapter 9, we learned that Zig's last name is Ortega, thereby making Zig a Hispanic character.
  • Several fans are against Becca moving in with Your Character due to her unrelenting rude behavior and have stated that they wish allowing Becca to move in was a choice.
  • The book took a temporary hiatus during the release of "The Sophomore: Hartfeld Horror Story". Upon the special's completion, The Sophomore continued.
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