The Royal Romance, Book 3 is the third book of The Royal Romance series. It succeeds its first two books, The Royal Romance, Book 1 and The Royal Romance, Book 2.


Assassins have struck at the palace! Are your friends okay, and what does this mean for the future of Cordonia?


Chapter 1: Twilight Hour

Assassins have struck at the palace! Are your friends okay, and what does this means for the future of Cordonia?

Chapter 2: Crown and Country

The Five Kingdoms Festival is in full swing back at the palace. Can you rally the public in the wake of the attack?

Chapter 3: Allies Among Enemies

You're on your way to Fydelia! Will you be able to gain the support of Madeleine and her parents?

Chapter 4: Any Port in a Storm

Penelope's coastal estate is recovering from a natural disaster. Can you aid her family's relief efforts and win their support?

Chapter 5: The Sport of Kings

Your exhibition polo match is about to begin... but can you raise the relief money Penelope's family needs?

Chapter 6: Ember of Hope

The apple orchards have been burned! Will you be able to reassure the Cordonian people in the wake of this attack?

Chapter 7: Haute Culture

You're off to Kiara's estate for an international art and food festival. Will the festivities help you rally the support you need?

Chapter 8: Artistic License

Disaster has struck at the art gallery, and it's up to you to save the show!

Chapter 9: Pomp and Circumstance

Will Constantine's illness cast a shadow over the Costume Gala?

Chapter 10: A Matter of Honor

Will Drake win the duel? Who is the mysterious woman?

Chapter 11: Cold Fire

In the wake of the palace bombing, what will be your next move?

Chapter 12: Secrets In The Snow

Can you find your enemies in Lythikos before they find you?

Chapter 13: Caught

With a traitor in your midst, can you and your friends get to safety?

Chapter 14: Welcome, One and All

It's time to wow the court with a ball at your very own duchy! But some unexpected guests are on the way...

Chapter 15:

It's time for your duchy's lantern festival! But will Lorelai's plan to force Hana home succeed?


Sneak Peeks

Pre-Book Sneak Peeks & Information



  • The book was confirmed in the final chapter of The Royal Romance, Book 2.
  • Kara Loo, one of Pixelberry's writers has posted on Twitter and Instagram to be hard at work on the book's production. [1][2]
  • In Pixelberry's "What's Next" blog, a confirmation that The Royal Romance, Book 3 will be released in March was stated. [3]
  • On February 23, 2018 it was confirmed that Book 3 will debut on Friday, March 2, 2018.[4][5]
  • The dress on the cover, of this book seems to have been inspired by the dress worn in the first chapter of the final season of the British fantasy series, The Adventures of Merlin by Queen Guinevere.
  • On February 26, 2018, Pixelberry released the soundtracks of The Royal Romance for the return of Book 3.[6]
  • If you didn't accept King "Liam" proposal, either Maxwell or Drake will propose to you in Chapter 1. While Hana proposed to you in Book 2, Chapter 18.
  • In a reply to a player, Pixelberry confirmed on March 29, 2018 that Hana is bisexual.
  • Chapter 6 shares its name with the Embers of Hope in Endless Summer, Book 3.
  • On April 27, 2018, Pixelberry announced that the book would be going on a mid-book break and will announce its return date in the upcoming weeks.[7]
    • On May 16, 2018 in Pixelberry's 'Spring News' blog, it was announced that the book will be returning in June 2018.[8][9]
    • It was confirmed that Book 3 will return in June 15, 2018.[10]
  • In Chapter 11, it is revealed that the Nevrakis family sigil is a Flaming Sword.
  • On a livestream for The Royal Romance, Kara Loo and another writer said that unofficially The Royal Romance is not ending with Book 3.
  • Dom's Hawk from The Crown & The Flame series appears to make cameo in Chapter 13 of The Royal Romance, Book 3 as Tiberius, a wild hawk roaming around Your Character's Duchy.
  • On July 13, 2018 when Pixelberry released the posters with the title confirmations for this week's chapters... There seems to have been a mistake. Instead of displaying the actual Chapter 14 title: Welcome, One and All, they accidentally used the title for chapter 13. [11]


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