But he's the lucky one. He gets to fly away from this place... And he'll get to see Kenna long before I ever will.
— Dom to Trystan about the hawk[1]

The Hawk, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is Dom's pet and is used to send messages to Kenna in Book 1. The player can choose its name. It is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 2.


While Dom and Rose were just children, they witnessed some village boys by the stables kicking what seemed to be a rock. Dom, who had just returned from hunting, rescued what was actually a hawk fledgling and gently nursed it from dying. He would visit the kitchens everyday for scraps for the bird, until it was strong enough to hunt on its own.


It has brown eyes, a dark yellow beak, and a predominantly chestnut body with a cream underside.


The hawk was first and foremost a loyal companion both to Dom and his allies. It was a dutiful messenger who got jealous when it didn't receive any attention, as when it squawked in protest when Dom and Rose had a private moment. It also enjoyed being petted on the head and disliked being offered insects as food.


Dominic Hunter

Dom found the hawk when it was just a little bird. He treats it as one of his closest and oldest friends, feeling furious after Bartel shot and crushed it, and even more after he ate it. When Dom suggests to Sei two whistles for a signal, he somberly remembers his pet hawk.



  • The hawk returns in Book 2 to give Dom an orb of fire in the Spirit World, revealing a similar-looking phoenix, a potential ally for Dom. Whether this is the hawk itself or a completely different being is unknown.
  • The hawk can be summoned by two short whistles. Two short whistles is also one of the signals Dom suggests to Sei in Book 2, Chapter 4 to stop Hex's wagon drivers.
  • The hawk is a tiercel, as it is male.
  • Dom's hawk appears to make cameo in Chapter 13 of The Royal Romance, Book 3 as Tiberius, a wild hawk roaming around Your Character's Duchy.


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