The Haunting of Braidwood Manor is the first and only book of The Haunting of Braidwood Manor series.


Do you dare spend the night in Braidwood Manor?


Chapter 1: Nightmares

Do you dare spend the night in Braidwood Manor?
After having a haunting dream about your late brother, Jonathan, you decide to have Victor bring you to Braidwood Manor. Before you enter, you have the choice to charge your phone in the car for 12 diamonds. When you enter, you get frightened by a boy and fall down the stairs.  

Chapter 2: Out of Time

Your night in Braidwood Manor has only gotten stranger...
When you gain consciousness, you meet Eleanor's ghost, the eldest of the Waverley children. She allows you to stay as long as you do not tell her siblings that they are dead. You start hearing strange sounds coming from behind a locked basement door. Eleanor warns you not to go there.  

Chapter 3: Lock and Key

What's behind the locked door in Braidwood Manor?
You find out that you need 4 keys to unlock the door and each Waverley child has one key. You catch a moth with Simon in exchange for his key. You write poetry with Clarissa in exchange for her key. You walk around the manor grounds with Eleanor and you may choose to become romantic with her. She takes you to a graveyard and reveals that her mother's body is not in her tomb. Eleanor hates her mother.  

Chapter 4: Behind Closed Doors

Only two keys remain... but getting them won't be easy.
You play the piano with Thomas and finally earn his respect. In return, he gives you his key. You may either devise a plan to use Simon to steal Eleanor's key, or you may steal it while she is sleeping (implied that you spent the night together). You open the door and find the terrifying ghost of Rose Waverley, Eleanor's mother.  

Chapter 5: Secrets

You've finally found what lies beyond the locked door... but will you live to tell the tale?
Eleanor becomes angry that you disobeyed her rules and kicks you out of her world. You convince her to bring you back in by apologizing to her. You witness the ghost trying to attack Eleanor and the siblings, and the siblings become aware that they are ghosts themselves.  

Chapter 6: Confessions

You're close to solving the mystery of Braidwood Manor... all you have to do is survive.
You convince Eleanor to tell you her secret in return for yours. This becomes powerful enough to destroy Rose Waverley's ghost. Jonathan moves forward into the next world and you part on good terms, he forgives you. You may choose to let Eleanor's ghost move on to death or bring her back to life. If you do so, you bring her back to Hartfeld campus and she enrolls as a student. If you don't romance with Eleanor it is implied that you get together with Victor instead, having finally found peace with yourself.  


  • This was the first horror series released. In the in-game menu, it was listed under the "Mystery" heading until October 2017, when a new update changed it and instead listed it under the "Solve the Mystery" heading.
  • The success of The Haunting of Braidwood Manor led to the release of the It Lives series the following year.
  • With 6 chapters, this is the shortest series and the second shortest book in the game. The first being Rules of Engagement: Newlyweds with 5 chapters and the third being The Freshman, Book 4 with 8 chapters.
  •  In Chapter 6KaitlynZack and Tyler, characters from "The Freshman" and "The Sophomore" series, make cameo appearances.
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