The Haunting of Braidwood Manor is the first and only book of Haunting of Braidwood Manor series.


Do you dare spend the night in Braidwood Manor?


Chapter 1: Nightmares

Do you dare spend the night in Braidwood Manor?
After having a haunting dream about your late brother, Jonathan, you decide to have Victor bring you to Braidwood Manor. Before you enter you have the choice to charge your phone in the car. When you enter, you get frightened by a boy and fall down the stairs. When you gain consciousness, you meet Eleanor, the eldest of the Waverly children.

Chapter 2: Out of Time

Your night in Braidwood Manor has only gotten stranger...

Chapter 3: Lock and Key

What's behind the locked door in Braidwood Manor?

Chapter 4: Behind Closed Doors

Only two keys remain... but getting them won't be easy.

Chapter 5: Secrets

You've finally found what lies beyond the locked door... but will you live to tell the tale?

Chapter 6: Confessions

You're close to solving the mystery of Braidwood Manor... all you have to do is survive.


  • Pixelberry brought out a new genre - "horror" with this book.
  • Kaitlyn, Zack and Tyler, characters of "The Freshman" series, make cameo appearances in Chapter 6.
  • This is currently the shortest story in Choices.
  • It is currently the only story in Choices that is a one-shot and is not a planned series.
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