The Freshman: Game of Love is a Valentine's Day Special Book, after the characters of The Freshman.

This story takes place between the Chapters 3 and 4 of The Freshman, Book 2.


Are you and your sweetheart the cutest couple on campus? Here's your chance to prove it!


Chapter 1: May the Best Couple Win

Zack and Brandon were talking about the couples challenge, in which couples compete in a contest and see which one is the best. The main character could pick either Chris, James, or Kaitlyn to be her partner for the contest. If the character picks Chris, he would show up by the door and overheard his name. The same scenario applied to James and Kaitlyn if the Main Character chose them. The competition were judged by Twombly, Professor Vasquez, and Edgar. Edgar wanted to enter the contest with Cassandra but since video game characters do not count, he helps out with the contest.

Chapter 2: Everyone's A Winner

You and your valentine have a romantic evening ahead of you! Will sparks fly or just fizzle out?
If Your Character chose Chris as her date, James and Kaitlyn debated over which version of Nosferatu film to watch. James wanted to watch the original while Kaitlyn wanted to watch the Kertzog remake instead. He commented on the legendary cinematography and how legendary Max Schreck is. She then replied with Klaus Kinski's more depth to the character and how Hertzog's version lingered with the plague scenes. Neither ended up watching Nosferatu and called it a draw. Instead, they ended up watching the original Dracula.

If Your Character chose James as her date, Chris and Kaitlyn stayed in and played video games together. Chris told her that he would've beaten Kaitlyn's top score in Knights of Aurelia. Kaitlyn then said he would've beaten her if he was better at earning armor upgrades. Chris replied with Kaitlyn destroying his armory. Kaitlyn bragged about her video games and said they had a great time.

If Your Character chose Kaitlyn as her date, Chris and James played football. James didn't like the idea as he's not the athletic type. Then, they grabbed some hot dogs and watched a soccer game instead. James said that he preferred watching sports, not playing them.

In the second chapter, either you won or lost the contest to Becca and Sebastian. Becca pushes Your Character in the pool. As she tries to get back up, Madison declares a pool party. Kaitlyn, Zack, and the rest of the students (except for Becca) join in. At the end of the pool party, Your Character cuddles with their chosen partner.

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