The Celestial is a location in Endless Summer, Book 1. It is resort hotel where the 10 winners including Lila, Jake,  and Aleister (the extra 11th winner) were staying .


In Chapter 1, Lila welcomed the students to The Celestial Hotel & Resort with her rehearsed speech:

"The Celestial Hotel and Resort, the jewel of the Carribean, boasts 25 stories and 1,200 suites of the finest tropical accommodations you can imagine. Built on the island of La Huerta, which means 'The Garden,' the Celestial ranked in Travel and Leisure's top ten global hotels last year."


  • Lobby
  • Multiple restaurants
  • Multiple lounges and bars
  • Swimming pool
  • 1,200 suites
    • Numerous themed penthouse suites, including the Honeymoon Suite and the Jungle Suite
  • Game room
    • Hidden surveillance and panic room
  • Ballroom
  • Everett A. Rourke Sr.'s office
  • Night club
  • Rooftop with deck and garden
  • Everett A. Rourke Sr.'s personal Library (hidden)
  • Everett A. Rourke Sr.'s personal Museum (hidden)


  • The writing for scenes at The Celestial are inspired by the song, Hotel by The Antlers [1][2]