The Bear is a character in The Crown & The Flame series. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 10. She appears to threaten Kenna and her invasion force, but by paying diamonds the player can calm her down by removing a thorn from her paw.

The bear can be named by the player if chosen as an ally. She stays with Kenna through Book 2 but doesn't appear in Book 3.


The bear closely resembles, if not is, a grizzly, with dark brown eyes, predominantly brown fur with a tan muzzle, and black claws. She can stand on hind legs.


The bear is foremost loyal to those who have helped her. She is surprisingly not vicious by nature; she attacked Kenna and her posse only because she was in pain, and should Kenna decide to kill her, she displays deep sadness. Furthermore, she is easily tamed, as Kenna had no problem regulating her behavior during their interactions, although most of her group are still wary of her. She also understands human speech to some extent, as Kenna can decide for her when she attacks and whom to target, showing signs of intelligence.

Although her size and appearance are intimidating enough, as a fighter she is brutal, easily swatting away and crushing Nevrakis soldiers she is ordered to attack, typical for a bear. Conversely, she is very affectionate, obeying Kenna's commands, approaching her master for approval, and growling in joy whenever her ears are tickled.