Tariq is a character in "The Royal Romance" series. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Tariq has slick black hair, stubble, dark skin and brown eyes. He wears a black suit with a grey shirt, black tie and grey pocket handkerchief.


He is sophisticated but pompous.


Prince "Liam"

Tariq is one of Prince "Liam"'s closest friends, and part of his inner circle.

Your Character

Tariq confesses to Your Character in Chapter 15 that he has feelings for her. He later corners Your Character in her room and attempts to make a pass at her, only to be deflected by a passing Drake. Whether Tariq's feelings are genuine or not is up to the player's opinion.


Not much is said about their relationship, but Tariq and Drake do have a mutual friend in Prince "Liam". They have a fight in Chapter 15 when Drake stops Tariq from making a pass towards Your Character.


  • Pixelberry gave him the same look as Dinesh, a character from "Rules of Engagement" series.
  • There is a character in "High School Story", another game made by Pixelberry who has the same name.

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