Tariq, a character in "The Royal Romance" series, is one of Prince Liam's friends. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Tariq has slick black hair, stubble, dark skin and brown eyes. He wears a black suit with a grey shirt, black tie and grey pocket handkerchief.


He is sophisticated but pompous.

Events in The Royal Romance

In Book 1, Chapter 14, while at Applewood Manor, one night Your Character is changing in her room when Tariq comes in and opens the door. Seeing Your Character in her underwear, Tariq takes advantage of the situation explaining how this was a "very forward gesture" and how he "did not expect this of her". He leans in to kiss her, just as Drake sees Your Character cornered and punches Tariq which leads to a fight. After that, Tariq explains that he thought it was his room and that Your Character was there for him.

Later on, after Your Character had been given the note by a mysterious person and the pictures had been leaked at the Coronation Ball, Tariq left the Noble Court. 

In Book 2, while Your Character is trying to clear her name, Tariq is still missing and he is still the only person who can persuade the public to realise that the pictures aren't what they look like. When it was revealed that Constantine was behind the whole thing, he suggested that you find Tariq as he can clear her name once and for all. With the help of Adelaide, Your Character finds Tariq and persuades him to come back to the Noble Court and release a statement about the events of that night. It is up to the player whether you decide to release the news in the middle of Madeleine and King "Liam's engagement party publically or talk to them beforehand and solve the problem diplomatically.


Prince "Liam"

Tariq is one of Prince "Liam"s closest friends, and part of his inner circle. They were once close when they were younger. As they got older, they grew apart.


Not much is said about their relationship, but Tariq and Drake do have a mutual friend in Prince "Liam". They have a fight in Chapter 14 when Drake stops Tariq from making a pass towards Your Character.

Your Character

Tariq confesses to Your Character in Chapter 14 that he has feelings for her. He later corners Your Character in her room and attempts to make a pass at her, only to be deflected by a passing Drake. Whether Tariq's feelings are genuine or not is up to the player's opinion. In Book 2, he has disappeared from the Royal Court since the scandal and his whereabouts remain unknown. He then apologies to her for the scheme and make a statement.


  • Pixelberry gave him the same look as Dinesh, a character from the "Rules of Engagement" series.
  • There is a character in "High School Story", another game made by Pixelberry who has the same name as this particular character.
  • He finally appeared in Book 2, Chapter 15 after disappearing from court after the scandal in the end of Book 1.