Tara, a character from the "#LoveHacks" series, is a delivery girl and Horatio's love interest. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 8.


Tara has fair skin, brown eyes and long wavy brown hair in a ponytail. She wears a delivery person's uniform consisting of a blue shirt with chest pockets and a blue baseball cap.


Tara is sweet, caring, and shy about her feelings. As a delivery girl, she is cheerful and dutiful, bringing the order personally to the customer with a smile. She also obeys her delivery method  faithfully, as she refused to deliver drunk Cole's package (his phone) to his "future self" until he pestered her enough to do so.



She likes Horatio and is his love interest. They bond over their similar appeal to artisanal cheeses. Depending on the player's choice, she can go to the ClickIt Anniversary Party with him. Consequently, Horatio likes her to the point of intentionally ordering a product he does not need just to see her again, and conspicuously exposing some special nuts out on the bar knowing they're her favorite snack. Additionally, his affection is such that he yelled at Mark for attempting to consume such nuts.


  • She has a resemblance with IU, a famous K-Pop solo artist.
  • Her character model is the same as Bree, a character from "Home for the Holidays", but with a different hair color.
  • She makes a cameo appearance in Red Carpet Diaries, Chapter 7 as a courier.