Martin Stafford, a character in The Freshman and The Sophomore series, is a Dean at Hartfeld University. He is first seen in The Freshman, Book 3, Chapter 15.


Stafford has grey eyes, graying hair and a wheatish complexion. He wears a grey suit with a white shirt, grey pocket handkerchief and a black and white checkered tie. He also wears a lapel pin.


Stafford is implied to believe in second chances, allowing the passage of Chris's proposal to allow people with criminal records like Zig a second chance in life by attending Hartfeld University. He also has a strong sense of justice, as shown when he suspended Manny and banned him from the football team for stalking and harassing Chelsea and disrespecting other members of the football team.


  • He resembles actor Charles Dance who portrays Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.
  • He appeared, albeit not in person, in the Vaanu ending in Endless Summer, Book 3 where he presented Grace and Aleister as the valedictorians of their graduating class.