Sophie, a character in The Sophomore and The Junior series, is one of Zig's sisters. She is also a student at Hartfeld University. She is first seen in The Sophomore, Book 2, Chapter 12.


Sophie has long black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. She wears a blue shirt under a green cardigan.


Sophie is an intelligent young woman who, while protective of her family, wants to be acknowledged as a grown-up in her own right. She sometimes gets embarrassed when her brother shares stories about her, although she happily returns the favour to him, but all-in-all they are still relatively close. Sophie is also excited to be attending the same college as her brother, perhaps as it allows her to expand her knowledge and express her intelligence.


Linda Ortega

Linda is Sophie's mom. She seems to get her sassiness form her mom.


Marie is her oldest sister. Lucy and Mila are her younger siblings.

Zig Ortega

Zig is her older brother. They are both the middle children in the Ortega siblings. She would share embarrassing stories about Zig to his friends.


  • She mentioned that she is a high school senior and will be enrolling at Hartfeld University for the following year.
  • As of The Junior, Book 1, Chapter 1, she has enrolled at Hartfeld.