Silas Prescott, a character in "Hero" series, is the founder of Prescott Industries. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Silas has brown eyes, brown hair and beard and fair skin. He wears a suit with different shades of gray for the tie, the jacket and the button-down, and a black vest underneath the jacket.


He comes off as a humanitarian businessman but is secretly a manipulative criminal, as shown when he meets with Shrapnel in Northbridge Prison. Because of this, he is similar to Everett Rourke from the "Endless Summer" series. Rochelle believes that he is very dangerous and advises her son/daughter to stay far away from him.

He is extremely manipulative, as he tricked Hazel into creating a serum that would give an individual superpowers rather than touching the Prism Crystal.


Grayson Prescott

Silas is Grayson's father.


Silas visits Shrapnel in prison at the end of Book 1, Chapter 4 and makes him an offer. Given that Shrapnel kidnaps Caleb at the end of Chapter 7 and mentions big plans, it is possible he is working for Silas as a Superpowered Henchman.


  • He resembles actor John Glover.
  • He is referenced in Endless Summer Book 2, Chapter 9, where it is implied that he and Everett Rourke are rivals.

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