"Besides, it's my call. The strong lead, the weak bleed. And I'm the strongest one here."
—Severin's maxim (Book 1 Chapter 5)
Severin Cale, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is the leader of the mercenaries. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 4.


Severin has black eyes, long, black hair in dreadlocks, an extended goatee, and tan skin. He is a very tall man and well-built enough to wield dual battle axes. His attire consists of a red and light brown leather breastplate and shoulder pads with mesh armor underneath.


Severin is belligerent, cunning, cruel, and selfish. He is a bully towards Kenna at first and looks down on her. A typical mercenary, he cares only about money as he prioritizes three thousand gold coins over Kenna's life. Kenna can choose to form an alliance with him, behead him for his insolence, or banish him.

Being the leader of a huge group of mercenaries, Severin has an inflated sense of pride, scoffing at Gabriel for his old age when the latter challenged him. He views strength in battle as the only determinant to survival, and holds on firmly to his creed: "the strong lead, the weak bleed". He was also forced into fighting against Kenna to preserve his ego when she challenged him publicly. He is overconfident in battle, which Leon deduces is his weakness; during his duel with her, he easily succumbed into rage when she taunted him, and lowered his guard when he thought he had outmatched Kenna.

Severin is noted to be a dishonorable fighter, tripping Gabriel before their duel, then attempting to blind Kenna with dirt when he was knocked down. He also talks too much, as Kenna and Gabriel observed.


Kenna Rys

After defeating Severin in a duel, Kenna can either choose to decapitate Severin, banish him, or form an alliance. If she forms an alliance with him, they become friends, seeing Kenna as a queen worth fighting and dying for. If you recruit him, he will appear in Book 3, Chapter 16 fighting Azura's army.