Severin Cale, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is the leader of the mercenaries. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 4.


Severin has black eyes, long, black hair in dreadlocks and tan skin. He is a very tall man and well built enough to wield dual battle axes.


Intimidating, bold, brave, cunning, cruel, selfish. He is a bully towards Kenna at first and looks down on her. Kenna can choose to form an alliance with him or behead him for his insolence.


Kenna Rys

After defeating Severin in a duel, Kenna can either choose to behead Severin, banish him, or form an alliance. If she forms an alliance with him, they become friends. If you recruit him, he will appear in Book 3, Chapter 16 fighting Azura's army.

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