Rowan Thorn, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is the last living heir to Thorngate and the Kingdom of Bellmere. Her parents and some of her kingdom's nobles were among the guests killed by Luther Nevrakis. She is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 1.


Rowan has short black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. She wears a red armor and is covered in vine tattoos.


Rowan is dedicated to her people, and appears to be conscious towards her Kingdom's needs. When Kenna and Kailani ask for Heart Oak, her kingdom's most precious resource, she tells them that using all of it will leave Thorngate defenseless for years, until it grows back. The player must decide how much to use.

If Kenna chooses to liberate Bellmere, Rowan becomes queen and one of Kenna's closest friends. In the last battle against Luther Nevrakis, her boat is destroyed, she becomes wounded, and she is thrown into the sea. Kenna can choose to save her, which reinforces their friendship. She makes a full recovery.

If Kenna chooses to leave Thorngate under the rule of Leon, she makes a deal with Zenobia Nevrakis to betray Kenna. Kenna is then forced to kill her.


Ewan & Daphne Thorn

Rowan is the youngest daughter of Ewan and Daphne Thorn.


  • The player gets a chance to play as her in exchange for diamonds.
  • As long as you side with her on 2/3 the situation that arise in books 1 & 2, you will keep her as an ally, otherwise she turns on Kenna.

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