Rose is a character in The Haunting of Braidwood Manor series. She is first seen in Chapter 5.


Rose Waverly is seen as a spirit burned to the bones by fire. The only notable trait that still exists is evidence of brown hair. She is left in a charred skeleton form.


Rose Waverly was afraid of everything.

When her husband went away to war, she thought that he would never come back and poisoned her three youngest children to spare them the pain. When her eldest daughter Eleanor found out, she slit her throat before throwing herself in the furnace and shutting the door. Turns out this was all for nothing, because her husband survived the war and was the one who found their bodies. He became depressed and drank himself to death.



Eleanor is Rose's oldest daughter. The two seem to have a strained relationship.

Clarissa Thomas and Simon

Clarissa, Thomas and Simon are Rose's children.


  • Pixelberry gave her the same first name as Rose Blake, a character in "The Crown and the Flame" series.
  • Her crimes include poisoning three of her children and slitting her eldest daughter's throat.

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