Regina, a character in the "Rules of Engagement" series and "The Royal Romance" series, is the Queen of Cordonia. She is European Guy's (Rules of Engagement) and the Prince's (The Royal Romance) step-mother. She is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 10 of Rules of Engagement.


Regina has fair skin, dark brown eyes and white/blonde hair.




Regina is Constantine's third wife.

European Guy

Regina is European Guy's step-mother.

Main Character (Rules of Engagement)

Regina is very cold towards the Main Character, believing her to only be with European Guy for his wealth and title.

Prince Liam

Regina is Prince Liam's step-mother.

Your Character "Riley"

Regina tests Your Character during the picnic party. If Your Character passed all her tests, she will be impressed by Your Character and even takes a liking to her.


In Book 2, Chapter 10, it is revealed that Adelaide is her cousin.


  • Her name is Regina, which means "Queen" in Italian and Latin.
  • A photo of Kenna Rys can be spotted in the background wall of her photo further implying that Cordonia and the Royal family are likely descendants of Kenna.