Randall Grimes is a minor antagonist in the Most Wanted series. He only appears in a flashback in Book 1, Chapter 6.


Randall has dark buzzed hair and a brown goatee. He has several tattoos and wears a leather vest emblazoned with a Route 66 and skulls-and-cross symbol over a grey star-print shirt.


Randall gets a new tattoo for each crime he commits and is the leader of the Centurians Biker Gang.


John Tull

John Tull was hired by Randall to kill the leader of his rival gang. Afterwards, Tull requested to be payed in ammunition such as bullets and explosives before he fled to Los Angeles.

Samantha Massey

After catching wind of him and his gang, Sam beat them up, causing Randall to place a $10,000 bounty on her head.


  • His character model appeared in #LoveHacks, Book 1, Chapter 8 as a patron of The Garage. However in #LoveHacks, Book 2, Chapter 12 he appears as the bartender and a tattoo artist.
  • The same character model also appeared in The Freshman, Book 4 and in Perfect Match, Book 1, Chapter 12.
  • His gang, The Centurions, were originally created by Pixelberry employees when they worked on the EA game Cause of Death.