Professor Bhatt is a character in the It Lives In The Woods book. She first appeared in Chapter 16, if Lucas Thomas survives the events of Chapter 15.


Professor Bhatt has graying black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. She wears a pair of glasses, a sweater, and a bead necklace.


Professor Bhatt is a helpful professor willing to help students adapt to college life, as shown when she critiques Lucas's paper and encourages him to pursue his dreams.



If Lucas survives the "Are you scared?" game beneath Mr. Red's House, he attends college and takes a class taught by Professor Bhatt. After receiving a B- on his paper, he talks to her about it, and she explains how he can improve on it. She also tells him the struggles college students have to go through and encourages him to follow his dreams of entering politics after listening to his desire to preserve the environment.


  • She appeared in Chapter 7 of The Sophomore, Book 2 as the angry customer in Uskea and in Chapter 4 (only if Chris is Your Character's love interest) as an angry woman who interrupts Your Character's date. She also appeared in The Junior, Book 1, Chapter 3 as part of the group touring Enrique Vasquez 's house
  • She appeared in Chapter 2 of Perfect Match, complimenting how cute MC and Hayden look together.