Professor Atiyah, a character in "The Freshman" series, is a teacher at Hartfeld. She made her first appearance in Book 1, Chapter 5.

Professor Atiyah doesn't really have even so much as a minor role in Book 1 or Book 2, but this changes in Book 3, when she starts appearing more. This change is in connection with the task assigned by the late Professor Enrique Vasquez to Your Character, the task being to complete his final novel to keep her scholarship, and Professor Atiyah is assigned with overseeing the task to its completion.


Professor Atiyah has short, black hair, brown eyes and light skin. She wears a turquoise blouse, a black undershirt and pearl earrings.


There isn't anything publicized about Professor Atiyah's personality yet.


There isn't anything publicized about Professor Atiyah's relationships yet.

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