Poppy Patel, a character in the "Hero" series, is a junior fashion editor at Motif. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Poppy has brown eyes, long, wavy brown hair and dark skin. Usually, she wears a white floral shirt.


She is very perky and energetic. It is implied that she is uncomfortable around violence.


Your Character

She is one of Your Character's best friends and it is mentioned they went to college together. Although she supports your career as a Superhero, she is often concerned about the danger you put yourself in. If you allow her to, she designs your Superhero costume. They traditionally get dinner together every Monday night. In Book 1, Chapter 13, it is mentioned that they have been friends for at least 5 years. She is horrified when you reveal your plan to fly Silas Prescott into space before he explodes, knowing that it is very likely that you will die.


has a crush on her but is unsure if she feels the same way. It is revealed she also has a crush on him but is too nervous to ask him out. She and Dax currently have a negative relationship due to his reluctance to ask her out and her flirting with other guys. She later admits to Your Character that she feels guilty about her behavior. They eventually kiss in Book 1, Chapter 14.

Other Looks


  • It is implied that Poppy has Indian descent though her last name.

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