Peter and Grace Liao, characters in The Freshman series, are Kaitlyn's parents. They are first seen in Book 2, Chapter 10.


Peter and Grace have black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. Usually, Peter wears a white shirt and a black jacket, and Grace wears pearl earrings and a white dress with purple flowers on it.



From dialogue with Kaitlyn, we are given the impression that Peter is a very strict and traditional parent. He is extremely upset when Kaitlyn accidentally comes out as lesbian to him and Grace. However, in Book 4, when visiting the Liaos' home in Texas, it's shown that Peter is trying his best to be a supportive father, to the point of becoming a donor of GLAAD and receiving a set of mugs emblazoned with "LGBTQ+". Naturally, Kaitlyn is embarrassed by this, although she secretly admits she appreciates his efforts.


Grace is presented as a traditional mother who loves her daughter. However, she's taken aback upon finding out Kaitlyn is lesbian. She quickly accepts her nonetheless, and encourages her less supportive husband to give their daughter a chance.



Kaitlyn is Peter's and Grace's daughter.


Peter sees in Arjun the perfect son-in-law and always tried to matchmake Arjun and Kaitlyn. Grace also likes him very much but because she knows that Kaitlyn is gay, she's probably never seen him like that.

Your Character

Before they even met Your Character, Kaitlyn already told Peter and Grace a lot about her.


  • Pixelberry gave Grace the same first name as Grace, a character in the "Endless Summer" series.