Penthouse Balcony is a location that was first seen in Most Wanted, Book 1. It also made appearances in The Freshman: Game of Love, LoveHacks, Book 1, and The Royal Romance, Book 2.

Most Wanted, Book 1

The location is first set as the crime scene of the decoy protagonist and Gavin Routh's murders at Cordillera Towers that was owned by Otis Khouri, the movie mogul. It was also the location where Detective Dave Reyes met Deputy Marshal Samantha Massey for the first time.

The location is also Cassandra Leigh's penthouse balcony in Beverly Hills that was seen in Chapter 12 and Chapter 15.

The Freshman: Game of Love

The location is set as the venue where the Valentines' Day party was held by Miss Helen Twombly. When Becca pushed Your Character into the pool, Madison declared a pool party and everyone joined in the fun except Becca.

LoveHacks, Book 1

In Chapter 14, this scene is only visible if you bought the diamond scene with Cole and Amir.

The Royal Romance, Book 2

This location is one of the options for Madeleine's bachelorette party.