Penelope, a character in The Royal Romance series, is one of the Prince's suitors. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 3.


Penelope has black hair which she styles in a bun. She has fair skin and blue eyes, and wears a dark blue dress.


She is shown to be very loving towards dogs, specifically, her poodles. She also has low self-esteem and is easily manipulated and influenced by others. She tries very hard to fit in with Madeline's expectations, but eventually submits to the pressures of court.

It is hinted that she is suffering from anxiety, and that her pet poodles are emotional therapy animals.


Maxwell Beaumont She has a crush on Maxwell as revealed in Book 2, Chapter 6. You can choose to either set them up together or tell Penelope she's not his type.

Your Character

Penelope does not dislike you, but because she is jealous of your popularity at court and relationship with the Prince she takes part in the plot against you by asking a maid to perform a 'prank' and also sends a photographer payment for taking a photo of the incident. She reveals that Bastien was also part of the plot. In Chapter 10, Penelope asked you for forgiveness and it is up to the players on how to respond to her apology.