Party-Girl Sister is one of the main characters in the Rules of Engagement series. Her suggested name is "Jess" but the player can choose a name for her. Her task is to keep one job for the entire summer. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1


Party-Girl Sister has long, brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. Usually, she wears a white crop top with a pink flowery shrug and a necklace with stars and a lot of make up.


Party-Girl Sister is a fun loving young woman who likes to party and live to the fullest. She suffers because people think that all she can do is partying and can't take anything seriously. However, she shows that she can do anything she sets her mind to, as she can earn Blake 's trust and respect. She will do anything for Bookish Sister, her twin, as shown when she pretends to be her for an interview.



Main Character and Brother are her older siblings, Bookish Sister is her older twin (but they're very different).


Cousin has always been jealous of Party-Girl Sister and her siblings because she thinks that Nana loved them more than her. Now, after Nana's death, she tries to get the whole inheritance for herself by sabotaging her cousins' tasks.


Party-Girl Sister and Carter are co-workers. They even hook up together. In Book 2, it's shown that Carter is starting to fall for Party-Girl Sister and is very disappointed and hurt as he finds out that she and Blake slept together. He is one of Party-Girl Sister's love interests.


Party-Girl Sister takes an instant liking to Blake at the Wine and Mixers when she sees him drinking her favorite whiskey. Later, she finds out that he's her new boss and she tries hard to impress him. Even though he doesn't know her very well, the manager sees more in Party-Girl Sister than other people do. He thinks she's smart and able to do more in her life than just partying and doesn't want her to give up on her job. He is one of Party-Girl Sister's love interests.


Chaz is Party-Girl Sister's boss.


At first, Mira disapproves of Party-Girl Sister's relaxed attitude and overall actions. As time goes on, she begins to warm up to her, as well as loosen up herself. She is one of Party-Girl Sister's love interests.

Other Looks


  • Throughout several chapters, she craves olives, orange slices, pickles, and chocolate. It is seeing the olives and orange slices that makes her brother ask her if she's pregnant. It's the same thing their mother craved when she was expecting Party-Girl Sister and Bookish Sister.
  • As revealed in Book 3, Chapter 7, Bookish Sister is the second youngest granddaughter of Nana, making Party-Girl Sister the youngest granddaughter, as well as Bookish Sister's younger twin.
  • She was a Girl Scout.
  • She has a resemblance with Hailee Steinfeld.
  • She worked as a lifeguard in the past.