Paolo, a character in the "Rules of Engagement" series, is an intern of Blaire Hall and one of Bookish Sister's love interests. He makes his first appearance in Book 2, Chapter 3. He makes a cameo appearance in Rules: Newlyweds, Chapter 3.


Paolo has tanned skin, short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Usually, he wears a navy blue blazer over a white shirt.


Paolo takes his job too seriously. He is an ambitious young man who will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants even if it means sabotaging his competition.


Blaire Hall

Paolo is an intern of Blaire Hall. Paolo has always looked up to Blaire.

Bookish Sister

Paolo and Bookish Sister are competing for the role to become Blaire Hall's intern. When he and the Bookish Sister first met, he was mean to her. Later, he apologized for how he acted towards the Bookish Sister and took her out on the pub. Then he revealed that he was threatened by her and thought that he might not get the chance to become an intern. He admitted that he has a crush on her.

The next day, the Bookish Sister couldn't find her badge and Paolo left her a note saying that it's not personal, it's business. He stole her badge so she couldn't get in the building. After Paolo either wins/loses the internship and Bookish Sister storms off, he runs after her asking for forgiveness but doesn't express true regret for his actions. He sees nothing wrong with what he did, revealing his disillusioned view of the business world. Bookish Sister cuts ties with him forever.

Other Looks


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