Most Wanted, Book 1 is the first and only book of the Most Wanted series.

It focuses on the L.A.P.D. detective David Reyes and the U.S Marshal Samantha Massey, working together to track down the notorious hitman, John Tull.


Hollywood's best detective knows how to charm celebrities, but can he handle a gunslinging Texas Marshal? And can THEY catch a killer?


Chapter 1: Texas Hold'em

Hollywood's best detective knows how to charm celebrities, but can he handle a gunslinging Texas Marshal? And can THEY catch a killer?

Chapter 2: New Blood

With the help of Major Crimes Unit, Sam and Dave set out to catch John Tull... but first, they'll have to survive each other.

Chapter 3: Dirty Hollywood

Who ordered the hit on Gavin? To find the answer, Dave and Sam must unearth some of Hollywood's darkest secrets.

Chapter 4: Hack Job

Sam and Dave are on the hunt for Gavin's elusive partner... but they may not be the only ones.

Chapter 5: Devil in the Dark

Dave connects face-to-face with John Tull himself. Can he protect the witness and get out alive?

Chapter 6: After Hours

Dave takes Sam out on the town... but could a major breakthrough in the case interrupt their moment together?

Chapter 7: House of Lies

Sam and Dave enter the belly of the beast! What horrible secrets will htey find in the killer's lair?

Chapter 8: Hell or High Water

Trapped together with only seconds to live, Sam and Dave must make a life or death decision...

Chapter 9: Sunk Cost

Going after Tull almost cost Sam and Dave their lives... But will their mistakes cost Sam her shot at revenge?

Chapter 10: LARA

Kicked off the case, Sam discovers a crucial clue pointing to Tull's next target... but to stop him, she'll need Cassandra's help.

Chapter 11: Hot Pursuit

It's a race against time to save Tull's next target as Dave and Sam make an explosive discovery.

Chapter 12: Old Wounds

In the aftermath of an assassination attempt, Sam and Dave unearth a shocking secret that blows the case wide open.

Chapter 13: Outlaw

Unsure who they can trust, Sam and Dave hatch a bold plan to lure Tull out.

Chapter 14: Terminal Velocity

Tension soars sky-high as Tull takes a hostage! Can Sam and Dave catch him before he escapes for good?

Chapter 15: Arrivals and Departures

Can Sam and Dave survive their final descent? And if they do, can their partnership survive the aftermath?


  • The story takes place at roughly the same time as "The Freshman" and "Rules of Engagement". Given that Alyssa has transitioned into singing from acting by the time of The Freshman, Most Wanted may be set slightly earlier.
  • In The Freshman and #LoveHacks, "Most Wanted" is the name of an arcade game; in Endless Summer, it's revealed that "Most Wanted 2" is a based on those 'crazy murder cases in LA' with a cult following. This means that Most Wanted, The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, The Freshman, Rules of Engagement, #LoveHacks, and Endless Summer are all set in the same universe.
    • Since Book 1 did not feature a cult, this may imply that future books will feature this plotline.
  • It is later revealed that those books are also connected to The Royal Romance (Cordonia) and #LoveHacks (cameo of Bartender in this book).
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