You fight well. But ultimately, youth and passion cannot match experience and discipline.
— Monk[1]

Monk, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is the leader of the monks of Rajkur. He trains Kenna after Gabriel takes her to the Ruins of Rajkur. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 2.


He wears a gray sleeveless robe with a hood that covers his face, with white cloth underneath.


The monk was very loyal to Kenna, refusing to sell her away even after being thoroughly abused and tortured by Bartel. He was also very grateful, seen when Dom and Rose brought him food, and when Dom and Trystan freed him from incarceration and helped him escape Bartel. He is also realistic, accepting his fate of being executed by Marco Nevrakis until his rescue. He is also selfless and noble; should Dom be unable to access his power while rescuing him from Bartel, the monk courageously confronts the former to buy Dom and Trystan time, leading to his death.

He believes that youth and grace cannot compete with experience. It is unknown if he still believes this after Kenna defeated him in the monastery.


Kenna Rys

He helped Kenna and Gabriel hide in the temple for two years when Luther took over Stomholt. He sparred with Kenna and whether she wins or not, he and his fellow monks will fight with her to take back Stormholt.

Dominic Hunter

He was rescued by Dom when he was captured by Prince Marco. He gave Dom an amulet that will help control his fire. He is also familiar with the Blackspine Mountains.

Other Look


  • He is the only character who is shown bloody.
  • His quote about experience trumping youth is repeated in Lovehacks, Book 2 Chapter 3, by a Ducitoran soldier in a virtual reality simulation of the Iron Empire. Even the method of winning (a kick in the gut) is the same.
  • A reused character model of the monk makes a cameo in Bloodbound, Book 1, Chapter 12, as Amethu, Kamilah Sayeed's spymaster.


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