Michelle, a character in the "Endless Summer" series, is one of the college students who won a contest to spend a week at La Huerta. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Michelle has long blonde hair with hints of brown, brown eyes and lightly-tanned skin. She wears a pink button-up shirt and uses a lot of makeup.


Michelle is a stereotypical popular girl. Her personality is different based on her relationship with Your Character, either acting polite or rude. She becomes a genuinely nicer person as the story progresses. Depending on your relationship with her in Chapter 15, she will either support you or yell at you.


Your Character

Michelle instantly acts snobby and rude towards Your Character even though she doesn't know him/her. She assumes the college student is talking to her ex-boyfriend Sean because he/she is desperate to become popular. Your Character can either chose to compliment her and make her like him/her, or insult her back and make her dislike him/her. She will eventually warm up to Your Character and compliment them when necessary.

Your Character is sympathetic about Sean being tricked into breaking up with her. If you have a high enough relationship with her in Book 2, Chapter 12, you can successfully convince her to tell Sean what really happened.

She is originally hesitant because she feels that the sorority girls ruining her relationship with Sean means she doesn't have any real friends. However, you tell her that the members of the group are her friends.


Sean and Michelle used to date. They broke up one week before the beginning of the story because he thinks she cheated on him when it was just a lie that Michelle's sorority sisters told. Michelle accuses Sean to have feelings for Your Character.


Quinn appears to be the only one of Michelle's peers who she genuinely likes. Michelle shows concern for Quinn, and comforts her when the latter reveals she is suffering from a fatal autoimmune disease named Rotterdam's syndrome.


  • Michelle's dream is to attend a top medical school and become a surgeon.
  • Her Hadean Zodiac sign is Pavo, the Peacock.
  • She is Vietnamese-American.
  • Her catalyst idol shows that Sean was tricked into thinking she cheated on him, and she most likely gets killed by the Sea Monster after she feels everyone blames her for the deaths of Craig and Aleister.
  • Jake calls her Maybelline because she wears a lot of make up.
  • Several fans on Social Media believe that Becca was the mastermind behind tricking Sean into thinking Michelle cheated on him due to Becca's reputation as a bully.
  • She is an expert on Skincare products.
  • She is a skilled singer.
  • She has several figure skating medals.

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