Meiko Katsaros, a character in "Hero" series, is a District Attorney. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Meiko has brown eyes, long, brown hair and fair skin. She wears a grey blazer over a black top and gold chain with a pearl.


She respects the law and believes the Police are the only ones who should be fighting Criminals. Because of this, she disapproves of Superheroes fighting crime. She has labeled all Superheroes and Supervillains as Criminals.



Meiko is Kenji's mother. She disapproves of the fact that he is dropping out of law school. He hasn't told her that he is Talos.

Your Character

It is hinted you may have a negative relationship with her given that she disapproves of Vigilantism. However, after you save her from Caleb, she starts seeing you and Talos as heroes instead of criminals.

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