Why do we have to—OH MY GOSH BACON!
— The Mechawolf Pup[1]
Mechawolf Pup, a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series, is a male wolf found by Empress Azura's guards. He is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 1. His default name is Sparky, but the player can choose a name for him.


Before the modification, the wolf pup has gray fur and yellow eyes. He has a scar over his left eye, a left ear ripped in half, and a missing front left paw.

After the modification, the left side of his face, neck, shoulder and front left paw are now mechanical.


Mechawolf Pup is very energetic and affectionate. His talks in a way befitting a wolf pup: curious, innocent, and playful. He is very loyal to his new family and despises Azura for killing Leon. He has a habit of calling certain people befitting and sometimes humorous nicknames.



Azura restored his life. Despite this, he doesn't like her very much, and doesn't trust her. He calls her "Tall Lady".


If the player chooses to take the wolf pup, Whitlock gives him a mechanical leg and ear and the ability to talk. He calls Whitlock "Metal Man".

Kenna Rys

If the player chooses to take the wolf pup, he is very affectionate towards Kenna. He calls her "Blue Lady".

Luther Nevrakis

He calls Luther "Smelly Dungeon Man".

Sei Rhuka

He refers to Sei as "Pack Leader" during Dom's rescue.

Leon Stirling

He refers to Leon as "Large Man".

Other Looks


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