Maxwell is a character in "The Royal Romance" series. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Maxwell has brown hair, tanned skin and blue eyes. He wears a black shirt.


Maxwell is the youngest member of House Beaumont, and can be self-deprecating, especially when it comes to his capability in helping the house succeed.

He is generally friendly, patient, and positive. Little gets him down besides his brother.



Bertrand is Maxwell's older brother. The two don't seem to have a close relationship, as Bertrand scolds Maxwell every time he messes up a task. Through flashbacks and character interactions, the two brothers actually used to be very close. However, with their family name on the line, their dynamic changed.

Your Character

He sponsors Your Character into getting a chance to fight for the hand of the Prince and the chance to rule Cordonia as queen. He later reveals that he chose you because he saw hope in you and that he saw how happy the Prince was with you.

The Prince

Maxwell is a close friend of the Prince, and is shown to care for him.


Drake and Maxwell are friends. Drake often acts sarcastic towards Maxwell, but tolerates his antics.

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