I'm not sorrow-drowning. Yes, I like beer, and yes, love is a horrible sham, but those are two completely separate issues.
— Mark [1]

Mark is one of the main characters in the #LoveHacks series. He is also a potential love interest. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Three years from the start of the plot, Mark was wandering the halls of an apartment at 85 Guerrero St., looking for a C. Coleman. He met a man who had introduced himself as Hidalgo St. Pierre, and was immediately met with a barrage of hypothetical but very specific questions regarding Coleman. Hidalgo was then met by a woman named Sabrina, who had began seducing him. Mark quickly intervened, making up a lie which drove Sabrina away, where Hidalgo, who admitted that he was the Clarence Coleman Mark was looking for, thanked him earnestly.

Later, the two of them entered the Double Tap, with Cole buying drinks and Mark looking for a booth. He ran into one particular booth at the same time as Sereena, who was with Brooke, and both argued over who gets it. Horatio, the present bartender, suggested a drinking game for the booth, which lasted all night. 


Mark has blue eyes, brown hair and beard and slightly tan skin. Usually, he wears a blue checked shirt with red and yellow accents.


Mark is very analytical and tends to overthink situations. Cole has described him as "a creature of routine." He often represses his emotions and has had bouts of "soul-searching" in reaction to traumatic events, such as his breakup with Amy. This is one of a series of at least nine patterns that Cole has observed Mark to have, another of which includes watching the film Space Jam (1996) on repeat, and another which includes playing racquetball.

He can be prone to jealousy, shown when Dani starts dating Ben. He is also somewhat of a pushover, as when his brother Isaac moves in at his apartment and he defends him despite his older brother's previous record of exploiting his patience.


Main Character (Dani)

Dani and Mark have known each other since college, having first met in Professor Vasquez's American Lit class. They became best friends, close even when Mark began dating Amy. They lost touch after graduation when Dani moved to New York. In Chapter 1, they reconnect in San Francisco. Mark's romantic feelings for Dani aren't revealed until Chapter 11 when he tells Brooke, but he hasn't had the courage to tell Dani herself how he feels. It is the players' choice to officially be with him in Book 2, Chapter 18.


Isaac is Mark's older brother. They don't get along for a number of reasons but mostly because of their conflicting personalities. Whereas Mark believes in hard work, Isaac just pushes him around, such as making him squeeze 300 lemons in exchange for lemonade. However, in reality Isaac is jealous of Mark's success, admitting that he is living in his younger brother's shadow. He and Isaac have not lived under the same roof since high school.


Mark and Cole are roommates. They have lived with each other for a long time—so long that Cole knows "every single one of [Mark's] idiosyncratic habits." They bicker often, are competitive, and disagree on a number of things, but in seriousness, Cole looks out for Mark and has his best interest in mind. This is shown after Dani doesn't make it to Mark's apartment after her date with Ben to share notes, in which Mark had planned to confess his feelings to her. Cole is there to talk with him and drink scotch.


Evan and Mark used to work on the same team until Mark became leader of another team. Evan has been bitter ever since.


Amy is Mark's on-and-off-again girlfriend. They have been dating ever since they were in college. Their relationship is troubled, since she doesn't get along with his friends and they both argue often. Mark has wanted to break up with her, and was finally able to do so in Chapter 5 after a failed scheme by his friends and a disastrous double date with Dani and Brock.


Mark and Brooke are friends. He often visits her and Sereena's apartment during his "patterns". 


Mark and Sereena are friends. He first met her when both arrived at a particular booth in The Double Tap at the same time, where she nicknamed him "Polo Shirt." There was one time where Sereena angered Mark by using only facial expressions. 


Mark and Horatio are friends. He first met him when he quelled his argument with Sereena. Both of them and Cole are close, often going out together and looking out for each other, such as when Horatio wanted Mark to dump Amy for his own good or when Cole and Mark gave Horatio flirting advice.


Other Looks



  • Mark is shown on the cover of "#LoveHacks, Book 1", and "#LoveHacks, Book 2".
  • Mark has the habit of running his hand through his hair when he feels stressed or exasperated.
  • Mark's favorite TV show is The Crown & The Flame, just like Brooke. 
  • Mark, his ex-girlfriend (Amy), and Dani met at Hartfeld University, where they all attended together.
  • When he was in college (precisely twenty years old), he created a game called Dopey Cat.
  • He resembles soccer legend David Beckham.


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