Mark is one of the main characters in "#LoveHacks" series. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Mark has blue eyes, brown hair and beard and tan skin. Usually, he wears a blue checked shirt.



Main Character/Dani

Dani and Mark have known each other since college. In the first chapter, they meet in San Francisco. Mark appears to have a crush on Dani but he doesn't have the courage to tell her how he feels.


Mark and Cole are roommates. Cole has been friends with Mark for a long time.


Evan and Mark used to work in the same team until Mark became a team leader of another team. Evan has been bitter ever since.


Amy is Mark's on again and off again girlfriend. They have been dating ever since they're in college. Mark wants to break up with her for good.




Other Looks


  • Mark is shown on the cover of "#LoveHacks, Book 1", and "#LoveHacks, Book 2".
  • Mark, his ex-girlfriend (Amy), and the MC met at Hartfeld University, where they all attended together.
  • When he was in college, he created a game called Dopey Cat.

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