Marjorie Miles, a character in the "Hero" series, is the Director of Operations at Prescott Industries. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Marjorie has green eyes, short, auburn brown hair and fair skin. She wears a navy blazer over a white shirt and glasses.


She is often mean and rude, but she can be decent at times.


Your Character

Your Character is the subject of constant ridicule and insults from Marjorie, primarily due to her firm belief that Your Character cannot be depended on for a major task. However, Marjorie slowly starts to mellow towards Your Character, especially if you choose to side with her on the debate about the rife vigilantism in Northbridge.


Marjorie is engaged to an unknown woman. She acts very offended when people are surprised to learn that she is engaged, and more so when people assume her spouse-to-be is male.


  • The character of Marjorie was inspired by Cat Grant from the Superman comics.