Prince Marco Nevrakis is a character in "The Crown & The Flame" series. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Marco has brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. He always wears a fur coat and a crown. If Kenna sneaks a blade into Aurelia, she scars him.


Like his father and sister, Marco is sadistic and cruel; he hurts anyone who is not helpful to his plans and he enjoys other people's pain.

The Crown And The Flame

Marco was present at the feast organized by Queen Adriana Rys. As he hits Trystan Blake for not bowing when he introduced his family, Kenna has the option to hit him or apologize for Trystan's behavior. However, the Nevrakis attack Stormholt, killing Queen Adriana and usurping the throne of Stormholt.

Marco is appointed regent of Stormholt by King Luther when he leaves the Five Kingdoms to attack the Iron Empire, however his regency is short-lived when Queen Kenna returns, with a big army at her command, defeating him in battle and taking back the throne.


King Luther Nevrakis

Luther is Marco's father.

Princess Zenobia Nevrakis

Zenobia is Marco's sister.

Prince Diavolos Nevrakis

Diavolos is Marco's half-brother.

Vassilios Nevrakis

Vassilios is Marco's uncle.


Bartel and Marco share a friendly relationship, probably because they both enjoy other people's suffering.



  • He bears a striking resemblance to actors Dane DeHaan and Michael Shannon.
  • Marco doesn't appear in Books 2 or 3 nor is he mentioned, this is strangely curious as the player can choose to imprison him at the end of Book 1. However Diavolos (his older brother) was captured then later released to the joy of Luther (their father) in Book 3. If Marco was imprisoned this is strangely odd as Luther was in the same dungeon as him after his defeat but only asks about his eldest son Diavolos, and not Marco.

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