Marcellus Rys, a character in The Crown & The Flame series, was the King of Stormholt until his death. He was the husband of Adriana Rys and the father of Kenna Rys. He is first mentioned in Book 1, then by his name in Book 3, Chapter 2.


King Marcellus is never shown in the series, and is only mentioned.


Not much is known about his personality. He is said to have been well respected, and he and his wife were known to be very in love.


Adriana Rys

Adriana Rys was his wife. They were very in love when he died, and she was so heartbroken that she believed she would never love again. Since their daughter was only a little girl when she died, Queen Adriana became the ruler of Stormholt.

Kenna Rys

Kenna was his daughter and only child, as well as heiress to the Kingdom of Stormholt. Not much is known about their relationship. Since Kenna was a little girl when he died, it is likely she doesn't remember much about him. What she did remember was that she was holding the hilt of her father's sword while the latter was playing with her.

Gabriel Amarne

Not much is known about their relationship, but Gabriel respected King Marcellus very much.


  • He is unnamed until Book 3, Chapter 2, where in a flashback, Queen Adriana says that her late husband's name was Marcellus.