Just takin' a little breather. These old bones need rest if they're going to be runnin' the infirmary all day tomorrow.
— Madeline[1]

Madeline, a character in The Crown & The Flame series, is a Technocrat and a doctor. She is one of the allies you can recruit in Book 3. She is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 4.


Madeline has white hair, dark brown eyes and dark skin. She wears a green headscarf on her head and a beige, yellow long-sleeved shirt, on the left side of which is a unique brooch with an emerald in the middle. Strapped to her chest is a belt with pouches for vials, most likely for medicine, but also for other liquids.


She is very eccentric, like most Technocrats. Her particular specialty appears to be medicine, an unusual but necessary focus for a Technocrat. She is able to guide Dom through fighting Hex's control over him, although it's not clear if this is because she is also a psychologist or if she has simply figured out how Hex's control works. If Dom chooses to guide her to Stormholt, she will join Kenna's alliance as a source of "wisdom, medicine and wit".



Madeline is understandably disdainful of Hex, and takes advantage of the fact that her medical knowledge is too valuable to Hex's plans for her to be disposed of. Although Hex dismisses her insults, Madeline is cleverer than the mad scientist is willing to believe.

Dominic Hunter

Madeline is assigned to tend to the wounds Dom suffers while he is under Hex's control. She takes pity on him and, for his own good and that of the entire world, tries to help him free himself from Hex.


  • She's the only known Technocrat that is specialized on medicine and human anatomy.


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