Madeleine is a character in "Rules of Engagement" and "The Royal Romance" series. She is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 11 of Rules of Enagement.


Madeline has fair skin, short, blonde hair and grey eyes. She wears a green dress and a necklace.


Cold, snarky, and cruel, she tries her best to make court life miserable for all the women around her. She is ambitious and power-hungry, will trample anyone to become the Queen of Cordonia. She is manipulative and rude to everyone around her, even her own mother and ladies and waiting. She seems not to care for her current fiance Liam. She is very big headed, and is narcissisticly confident in her own abilities, which could make her unlikely to use dirty methods in order to bring down her competitors, although she is still a very likely suspect behind Your Character's scandal.


European Guy/Leo

Madeleine was set to marry European Guy due to an arranged political agreement. She is no longer engaged to him when he abdicate the throne.

Prince "Liam"

Madeleine is also competing for the prince's affections along with the other ladies. She is currently Prince Liam's fiancee.

Queen Regina

They seem to be close friends.


Adelaide is Madeleine's mother.

Your Character

In Book 2, she admits that she doesn't hate your character. But, she looks down on you and feels like you are very amateur.

Other Looks


  • She bears a resemblance to Maggie Grace and Taylor Swift.

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