Lykos is a location in The Crown & The Flame series. It is the capital of The Kingdom of Abanthus.

The Nevrakis Family's castle was located here. When the Iron Empire did not get The Five Kingdoms rulers to pledge loyalty and thus fall under the Empress Azura's life-stealing rule, Luther made Lykos his starting point for his war campaign.

King Luther Nevrakis orchestrated the assassinations of the other four rulers of The Five Kingdoms. However, Luther did not kill the immediate heirs to those thrones. Luther left Lykos to Princess Zenobia Nevrakis when he goes to battle with the Iron Empire. In Book 2, Queen Kenna Rys of Stormholt captures Lykos and is then de facto ruler of The Five Kingdoms (albeit King Tevan of Fydoria and Queen Rowan of Bellmere at Thorngate, depending of the player's choices if these characters are still living, may still have some self-rule).

As Abanthus faces open waters opposite the Iron Empire, Luther has amassed a considerably powerful navy to protect his shores; Kenna's army struggled against only a contingency navy while majority of Luther's forces attacked Ducitora, and would have still lost were it not for Dom's and Sei's dragon transformations.


Lykos by pixelbatsy

Streets of Lykos


  • Lykos (Λύκος) is Greek for "wolf". The Battle of the Bay took place in The Wolf's Mouth, Lykos' shoreline.
  • Cordonia's royal dining room in The Royal Romance has a picture of Lykos' shoreline, tracing some roots to Abanthus.